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Business & Home Computer Service & Consultancy

We are software developers specialized in custom database applications using the best tools available: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Visual Studio.

We are the creators of Reto and RetoX: The systems that are used by Receptive Tour Operators to work efficiently managing reservations, programming tasks and everything related.

For information about ReToX, please send us an email at info@hrfsystems.com

We also specialize in PC maintenance and installation of software and hardware.

If you need to repair or upgrade your computer or have virus problems, we are the solution.

Mac KeyboardNeed your computer fixed now and don’t want the hassle of disconnecting and bring your computer down to a computer shop that will rip you off? Then our onsite computer service is for you. Slow Computer, Non-Starting Computer, Virus Removal and More, you name it, we fix it!!.

Computer Optimization

Did you know that most computers aren’t running as fast as they can ? HRF Systems can tweak your computer and get it running at top speed. We will perform all updates, remove unnecessary processes and startup programs, clean out duplicate files, remove junk files that accumulate from installing software and surfing the web, finally tweak the registry to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your computer.Integrated Circuit

Need something setup and configured? We can install a new hard drive, graphics card, wireless card, DVD drive or anything else you might need.

HRF Systems will setup and install any software you need to have installed.


Are you tiredĀ of constantly burning CDs or DVDs just to get a file from one computer to another thats only 2 feet away? HRF Systems can help, we are networking professionals that will connect and protect all of your computers in your home or office. You will be able to transfer files in the blink of an eye and access the internet with any computer. HRF Systems will arrange to have your home or office wired with the right cabling or if you prefer and if its feasible we can install and configure a wireless network.

Network and Connection Cables